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Content rights & responsibilities

You own the rights to the content you create and post on blogoworld. The content you post on blogoworld is your own rights and by posting it on blogoworld, you give us a nonexclusive license to publish it on our blogoworld. By using blogoworld, you agree that blogoworld may enable advertising on the services, such as the contents that your post on our site. Without your explicit consent we will not sell your product or content you post to blogoworld; however, we may promote medium with your content or product.

Also, by posting to blogoworld, you take responsibility for all the risks related to it, for example, the accuracy of your contents, claims relating to intellectual property or any other legal rights.

We are more than happy for you to post contents from other websites, as long as you have the right to do so and doesn’t violate our terms and conditions.

Also, we have the right to remove or delete any content you have posted on blogoworld any time without informing you before doing it. We let you know the reason afterward by emailing you. You have the right to delete any of your posts, registered account with us anytime. We may keep backup copies of your deleted post or account on our servers for up to 14 days after you delete it.


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Account registration

To register an account with us simply provide your valid personal details like full name, home address, email address and create a strong password. You may use the site as a guest, if you didn’t not want to register. For security reasons you must provide a valid personal details and this means you will not use another persons name and details. You will use the blogoworld for your own internal, personal use. You must make sure not to share your username and password with any other people.